Mount Cooper Reserve

Snake Gully Drive
Melway Ref:
19 H1
Bus runs along Mt Cooper Rd 50m from reserve.
Residential parking available along all streets adjacent to reserve.
Shelter & Seating:
Limited shade available (new park).
Most crossovers leading to reserve are accessible. Paths to entry points are accessible.
The internal paths are wide and meander throughout the reserve. There has been significant subsidence and cracking along some sections of the path creating some hazards. Bitumen path surface throughout the reserve. Undulating to hilly gradient.
Conservation Areas:
Areas set aside for conservation may include remnant habitats or habitat restoration, trails and pathways, bird watching facilities, and rest areas. Public access may be restricted and some conservation areas may be fenced off for regeneration or habitat restoration.
Wetlands manage water quality and fauna habitat and are often established along creek valleys and in larger open spaces. Wetlands are generally not open to the public unless supervised on a community planting day.
Mount Cooper Reserve's Image
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