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Gresswell Grange Reserve

Gumnut Rise
Melway Ref:
19 H4
Residential on-street and some allocated on street parking available at most access points to the reserve.
Eastern playground is designed for small children with swings, small and larger slide, rocker and climbing frame with direct access from the path. Western playground is a wooden structure with some direct ramp access and cubby style.
Picnics & BBQ's:
Picnic table at the western end of the reserve near the playground. Path access to the table however the pad is on a slope and could make access difficult to the ends of the table if extra seating is required.
Pets Allowed:
Yes (dogs and cats permitted on lead).
Shelter & Seating:
Established trees provide shade around the reserve and various locations. Bench seats only provided at the eastern end of the reserve. Backed bench seats with arms provided near the western playground.
Accessible crossovers to all access points to the reserve. Accessible paths lead to entry of the reserve.
1.2m paths running east west through the park. Rough path surface at eastern access point to reserve. Bitumen and concrete path surface. Undulating to slightly hilly gradient throughout the reserve.
Conservation Areas:
Areas set aside for conservation may include remnant habitats or habitat restoration, trails and pathways, bird watching facilities, and rest areas. Public access may be restricted and some conservation areas may be fenced off for regeneration or habitat restoration.
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