DescriptionBlack Apple Theatre is an independent company made rich by the talents and energy of the brightest and best of Australia’s young and emerging artists. We make theatre for children and adults that is bold and original – we make theatre that will bring a smile to your face. The company is currently driven by director/composer duo Cheyney Caddy and Tiffanni Walton.
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DescriptionNiki na Meadhra in collaboration with other storytellers and musicians creates warm, transporting storytelling events drawing from an extensive repertoire of traditional tales and contemporary stories. Hearth Tales has hosted the highly successful Enchanted Evening at Abbotsford Convent for two years. Niki na Meadhra is available for storytelling in corporate, community and educational settings.
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DescriptionHigh quality theatre for and about young people
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DescriptionThe lost follys are a brigade of proficient & adventurous merry makers. our pleasure is to fulfill your indoor or outdoor affair with delicious frivolity & skylarking. with our ensemble of characters we facilitate connections and bonding with people, places, products and services. you can find our immersive party-creating revelry within festivals, corporate events, experiential marketing and at play within the community with games & improvised merriment.
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DescriptionThe Nylon Zoo is a Melbourne-based children’s performance art ensemble that specialise in interactive story activities. We incorporate theatre, dance, music, animal adventures, story & play in presenting fun- filled, magical (and even educational!) experiences at community celebrations, educational events & gatherings of all types. And all in & around a giant magical inflatable salmon or frog. Join us!
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DescriptionProfessional, independent theatre company
Business Phone03 9489 2772
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