Social Support

DescriptiondepressioNet provides Information, Help and Peer-based Support service for Australians living with depression. depressioNet is more than a website - we are a human services organisation that utilises the Internet to provide a service to people impacted by the social, physical or geographical isolation that can be caused by depression. The anonymity that depressioNet provides can curtail, for many, the fear of seeking assistance in the real world and the depressioNet Team are available around-the-clock to provide peer support to all people impacted by depression as well as family and friends.
Business Phone9428 2229
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DescriptionSpectrum Migrant Resource Centre needs volunteers to supervise their refugee clients in the car as they practice on the Learner Permits. Participants receive ten subsidised professional driving lessons prior to being matched with a volunteer. Volunteers are not required to use their own car.
Business Phone9496 0200
Email Drive to Thrive
DescriptionVolunteer Program for people who have or are experiencing homelessness
Business Phone9462 3933
Email Shekinah Homeless Services
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